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    Price list

    Price list

    • normal ticket 12 zl
    • reduced ticket 8 zł
    • season pass admission 30zl

    To buy reduced tickets children, pupils, students up 26 years old ( with identity card) are authorized.  There are no additional  reductions for groups.

    Tickets allows to enter the garden once!

    Children up to 3 years old are allowed to enter the park for free.

    Visitors can only walk on the paths. It is allowed to use wheelchairs and children trolleys.

    It is forbidden to enter with dogs o rany other pets, exept quide dogs for blind people.

    Guided tour- 100zl (200zl in German)

    Guided garden tour lasts up to two lessons hours and requires advanced phone booking.( the hour, date).   Additional payment for the guided tour costs 100zl (200zl in German). Maximum 50 people in the group.

    Orangery guided tour- 25zl

    Guided orangery  tour lasts up to 30 minutes and requires advanced phone booking( the hour, date).

    Educational-Science classes cost 100zl

    Laboratory classe 100zl

    Bonfire- 50zloty for one hour.

    There are 2 places for the bonfires in the garden. Booking place and date- by the phone. The price includes place booking and wood. Making the bonfire and food- participants. The fee will not be reduced by te fact that the bonfire lasted shorter than an hour.

    Grill- free

    It is possible to use a brick grill in the garden in the designated place. It is required to have own wood or coal. It is possible to use the grill for 2 hours.

    Attention! It is forbidden to use own grill or set a bonfire in places different from designated.


    Special session ( weddings etc…) in the garden or the palace – 100zl

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