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    Statue of the Garden Hostel

    1. Person who wants to use the service of the hostel has to check in and pay for the room in the palace reception.
    2. Accommodation day starts at 2 pm and finishes at 12 pm.
    3. From 10 pm to 6 am  there is a curfew. 
    4. It is forbidden  to bring alcohol or  any drugs to the hostel. People who are intoxicated can not stay in the hostel. Smoking is not allowed.
    5. Visiting people who live in the hostel is possible  from 9 am to 10 pm.
    6. There is self-service at the hostel. Quest are obliged to keep everything clean.  At the day of check out it is necessary to  bring the bed linen to the reception desk and empty the bins in the room.
    7. People who break the regulations will be obliged to leave the hostel without refund.
    8. The hostel may refuse to provide services to person who does not follow the rules.
    9. Damage costs of things that belong to the hostel  charge the offender and are paid in the cash register. The compensation depends on the value of damaged things. 

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