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    Valuable objects

    Valuable objects

    Nature Reserves

    Protected landscape areas

    Przelewice Borough is covered by the Directive, as a Special Protection Area 320005 PLB "Miedwie Lake and its surroundings" and the protected nature area of the European Natura 2000 network.

    Miedwie and the surroundings of the lake cover an area of ​​15,782.00 hectares located in Western Pomerania in the boroughs  of Old Czarnowo (2,065.40 ha), Bielice (809.30 ha), Przelewice (2,491.20 ha), Pyrzyce (5340.60 ha ), Warnice (2,063.70 ha), Kobylanka (365.60 ha) and Stargard (2,646.20 ha);

    Monuments of Nature

    There are many well-preserved alleys and rows of trees on transportation routes. They are created by ''noble” native tree species such as ash, oaks, lindens, maples, chestnuts.

    1. Chestnut avenue Przelewice-Ślazowo care is covered by the Heritage Conservator.
    2. Cemetery in Kosin- there is a lindens avenue.
    3. Avenue poplar-ash - from Kluki to the junction with the road Lubiatowo - Pyrzyce.
    4. Avenue of maples, sycamores, oaks - Laskowo – Płońsko,
    5. Ash Avenue- Przywodzie- Płońsko
    6. Ash and Sycamores Avenue, in the village Kłodzino chestnut avenue after Kłodzino there is an avenue of old cherry - Płońsko - Rosina - Kłodzino - Przelewice.
    7. Avenue of chestnut trees - Lubiatowo - Żuków, to the junction with the old road to Żuków.
    8. Avenues: maples, sycamores and chestnuts - Ukiernica - Żuków - Karsko - and after Karsko- oaks and lindens.

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